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Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico
Museo Civico d'Arte



  • Access to cultural heritage and to documentary archives
  • Photo and graphics archive < /p>Videos and photographs
  • Library
  • DIDA educational workshop
  • Requests for archaeological consent
  • Inter-institutional loans
  • Evaluation of works of art and artistic craftsmanship
  • Internships and partnerships
  • Volunteer work and associations

Access to cultural heritage and to documentary archives
Access to the materials on exhibit or in storage and to the documentary archives may be granted for research and study purposes, upon written request. Access to certain important pieces may be restricted for preservation reasons.
Applications must be accompanied by an explanation and include any potential requests for copies of documents (Fees):
fax 059 2033110
Largo Porta S. Agostino 337 - 41121 Modena

Photo and graphics archive
The Museum of Archaeology possesses a graphics archive and a photo archive (currently under reorganization) composed of 15,000 black and white photos, 10,000 colour photos and slides and 17,000 digital images related to collections, archaeological digs and comparative material, in addition to a series of images that are documentary and didactic in nature.

The Museum of Art’s archive includes roughly 20,000 black and white prints and 10,000 colour photos and digital images, for the most part related to the museum’s collections and to the city; in particular, the Cathedral, the Palazzo and the Teatro Comunale, churches and city monuments are documented there.

- send request via e-mail
- photo request form for Museum of Archaeology
- photo request form for Museum of Art
- download print version to send by fax (059 203 3110) or to deliver to the administrative office of the Museum.
Rules and conditions for the granting of photographic reproductions
For information and consultation:
Civic Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology: Cristiana Zanasi
Civic Museum of Art: Cristina Stefani

Videos and photographs
Visitors are free to take non-professional photographs or videos (without tripod or flash) in the exhibit halls.
Authorization for taking photographs or videos with professional equipment may be obtained by submitting a written request accompanied by justification.

The historical library of the Civic Museums is composed of more than 500 volumes dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, 1300 pamphlets and a specialized library that includes over 15,000 publications and numerous specialized journals.
The modern heritage of the Museum of Archaeology includes over 7000 publications in archaeology, history and ethnography, acquired for the most part through exchanges with other institutions. The magazine section contains one hundred or so specialized Italian and foreign journals.
The modern heritage of the Museum of Art is made up of more than 8,000 specialized volumes in the field of decorative arts, acquired for the most part through exchanges with other institutions, which document the areas represented in the museum’s collections (weapons, decorative paper, ceramics, musical and scientific instruments, textiles and glass).
The magazine section (pdf) currently holds 80 periodicals (50 significant historical collections and 30 subscriptions to Italian and foreign periodicals).
Library material may be consulted by contacting Katia Angela Fieni for an appointment.
Fees for reproductions and copies.

DIDA educational workshop
DIDA, located on the ground floor of the Palazzo dei Musei (access from viale Vittorio Veneto 5) allows the cultural institutes of the Palazzo to carry out hands-on workshop activities; it also offers afternoon and evening courses and workshops for young people and adults.
Telephone: 059 2033121

Requests for archaeological consent
The Museum of Archaeology follows the procedures pertaining to requests for archaeological consent (guidelines present in PRG) and for preventive verification of archaeological interest (public works, Legislative Decree 163/2006, art. 95-96).
In accordance with the Soprintendenza Archeologia Emilia-Romagna (Commission for the Archaeology of Emilia-Romagna), the city of Modena has created within the Museum an office dedicated to the carrying out of archaeological practices, which establishes interface among the various parties involved, such as businesses, clients, planners and the Soprintendenza e Sportello per l’Edilizia (Building Commission and Agency).
Request for archaeological consent form (pdf)
Request for preventive verification of archaeological interest (pdf)

The applicant presents a request for “archaeological consent”, which the Museum forwards to the Soprintendenza along with the building plan, complete with a detailed archaeological report, so as to allow the Soprintendenza to evaluate the archaeological risk. The Settore Urbanistica (Urban Development Committee) will only approve the building plan once it has received the Soprintendenza’s assessment.
Postal address: Largo Porta S. Agostino 337 - 41121 Modena
fax: 059 2033110
offices: v.le Vittorio Veneto 7 - 41121 Modena (office hours)
- Silvia Pellegrini: 059 203 4825;
- Civic Museums administrative office: 059 203 3122

Evaluation of works of art and artistic craftsmanship
The Civic Museum of Art provides consultations on works of art or artistic craftsmanship within its fields of expertise (works by artists from Modena, textiles, garments, etc.), either after having seen the work or based on photographic documentation (upon written request for an appointment).
The assessments are based solely on the cultural aspects related to the work in question (artist, area of production, period, etc.) and cannot under any circumstances estimate monetary value.


Internships and partnerships
The Museum is open to collaboration with students and post-graduates of both Italian and foreign universities. Applicants for curricular internships or training must first establish a convention between the university attended and the Municipality of Modena and subsequently submit a CV accompanied by a letter of presentation to:
fax 059 2033110
Largo Porta S. Agostino 337 - 41121 Modena
The Museum is currently fully staffed, however all CVs sent to the Museum will be evaluated and kept on file for future reference.

Volunteer work and associations
The Civic Museums welcome the participation of both individual volunteers and volunteer groups in museum activities. In accordance with the ICOM (International Council of Museums) Code of Ethics, the Museums adhere to a policy designed to foster collaboration between volunteers and museum staff, and ensure that volunteers are fully informed on the Code of Ethics, as well as on current cultural heritage laws.
Associations may request the Museums’ assistance in organizing cultural events, as well as the possibility of using museum space (pdf).